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About Me

I am a first generation College Graduate and first generation American from El Paso, TX. In school, I obtained a  B.S. in Industrial Engineering and a M.S. in systems engineering. On my journey to become a program manager at Microsoft, I have gained a big mission of bringing misrepresented communities to every table where decisions are made. I took a big step in practicing using my in my TedX talk about one of my passions, "Empowering Latina Women in STEM & Leadership".

My platform is my authentic message, speaking as the first one in my family to do many things, including going to therapy and traveling to different countries. I am crossing generational barriers that I never imagined and I'm excited to share how how to finding your voice, EQ, professional development to advance. I want to be transparent about the personal and professional challenges faced when pursuing your dreams with little to no guidance as a first gen. Getting here was not easy, but it is also not where I am going to stop. My path here has allowed me to continuously keep learning about myself, grow and become resilient. I started with few role models and little guidance, to now being the one who create environments that are inclusive to everyone. My biggest pride has been to be intentional for what I want and going after it, so I will never let other people/society determine who I am or my success. I am proud multi-dimensional bold Latina who loves math and science, business, loves to dance, dress like a queen, travel and listen to Bad bunny while at it.


My purpose is to empower women and the Latinx community by making them aware of the blind spots faced when navigating your dreams on your own. What I enjoy the most is being a cat mom, traveling, and spending time with my loved ones.

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