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LA Times- What is First Gen Trauma?

I had never considered the conversation about first-generation trauma until 2020, and it is now emerging in the Latino community.

In those same spaces are the conversations on generational (or intergenerational) trauma, which differs from first-generation trauma because it is trauma passed down through generations. LA times featured a couple of creators that speak about the topic!

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Pulso Podcast- Why is Mental Health so difficult to talk about in the Latino Community?

This episode deep dives into the barriers that keep latinos from accessing mental health help including: stigmas, awareness of programs and financial limitations. Mental health resources should be for everyone and by eliminating the taboo in talking about it, we can get closer to having more mentally healthy people. 

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LatinX America- Episodio en Espanol

En este episodio hablo un poco sobre mi historia y lo que significa ser primera generación como estadounidense.

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TEDx- Empowering women in STEM & Leadership

My very own TEDX talk at 22 years old! Proud Miner and presenter at UTEP's first ever TEDx event, check out my talk!


Bold Latina News

What does it mean to be a Latina in Tech? Loved this interview with Founder & CEO of bold latina and ex-techie her self: Michelle Olvera!

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