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My Raw Self-Healing Journey Thus Far

My self healing journey has been a journey to step into being the woman I’ve always wanted to be and more about unbecoming & unlearning everything that I’m not. It has been exhausting, wonderful and everything in between. Here is a list of things I was able to compile. My purpose is to 1) tell you: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 2)Help bring clarity to your own journey 3) Have some compassion for yourself! We will always have blindspots, and the faster we can accept that, the more room we will create for self love and healing.

My healing journey as a First Gen who grew up in a Mexican conservative household (Catholic) has been a path to:

-Find my true fashion style

-Explore my sensuality and sexuality

-Grieve the life I had to give up to “mature” at an early age

-Grieve the life I had to give up to do the global pandemic lockdown

-Learning to identify and fulfill my own physical, emotional and mental needs

-Learning to regulate my nervous system

-Confront extremely uncomfortable emotions and sit with them

-Learn it’s okay to make other people uncomfortable with my authenticity

-Accept that I should and won’t meet my families expectations of who they want me to be

-Get away from co-dependent family and relationship dynamics

-Find my voice at my job and demand good culture

-Understand that it wasn’t just professional development that it took to get here, but unlearning my culture, recreating my values, and always doing DOUBLE the PERSONAL growth work

-Understand the toxic relationship dynamics in my family and culture and seek therapy so I don’t repeat them🥲

-Learn about boundaries, attachment styles, love languages, childhood trauma, inner child work, healthy coping, co-dependency and more

-Admit that I’m not happy with certain things in my life and parts of who I am

-Confront myself and my weaknesses without judging them or justifying them

-Be exposed to people who grew up with more privilege and sit with the true statistics of me being here (anger, pride then acceptance)

-Rise instead of cave when I don’t understand references or didn’t experience life the same way my peers did, or sometimes suck at English even if I learned it at the same time as Spanish

-Realizing how much my parents did with so little, and how much love they gave me even with their own huge barriers and trauma

-Bring back my “activist” lessons of colorism, racism, feminism to my boomer and gen x family

-Decolonize my beauty standards

-Constantly finding new reasons to love myself, surrender to the universes’ divine timing, and expect miracles everyday

-Absorb that I’m so incredibly blessed and grateful, full, and fortunate to live this life

-Redefine what it means to be a Modern Latina, and what it means to be me.

-For the first time break the cycle of self-neglect and survival mode in my family and invest in my mental health, physical well-being and doing things simply because I enjoy them

-Accept that my family/parents cant just jump on my self actualization train

-Feeling helpless doing so much outreach work for strangers, when my own family suffers from addictions that I cannot do anything about

-Have to give up my stability and undergo the chaos of finding a new team to be happier

-Grieving that I have to leave them (my parents) in order to give them the best and me better

-Learn to listen to the physical signs of my beautiful body asking for help, and learning to nourish it and move it in the best way possible

-Acknowledge the privileges I have, such as my skin color

-Find home in people and places that don’t make me feel seen, heard, or understood

-Accept that my parents suffered twice as much to get half of I have now

-Learning to manage a new lifestyle and investments with a big salary

-Feeling invalidated people don’t understand my perspective because they don’t… look like me

Hope some of it was able to resonate, there might be a part 2 to this. Which one did you relate to the most? Any others you would add?

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